Thimphu festival has two parts: the rst is the Lhamo Dromchoe, and the second the Gongdue Tshechu. The dances at the Lhamo Dromchoe or the ‘Great Achieving Prayer of the Female Deities’ was introduced by Gyalse Kunga Gyaltshen (1689-1713) in 1710. During a retreat at Chagri monastery, he experienced visions of Palden Lhamo, a powerful protective deity.Based on these experiences, Gyalse Kunga Gyaltshen introduced this sacred dance. During Lhamo Dromchoe, 21 female protective deities – Palden Lhamo and her retinue – are invoked for the entire two-week prayer. In reality, Palden Lhamo is the wisdom mother who gives birth to all the Buddhas and manifests primarily through three forms: outer, inner, and secret. The ritual focuses on the liberation of sentient beings from their su ering and cultivating non-violence. Over 300 monks assemble inside a large shrine dedicated to Palden Lhamo whose blessings are believed to usher in peace, prosperity and stability for Bhutan. The monks gather daily at 3 a.m. to pray while the Black Hat Dance is also performed each morning inside the main chapel.