About Us

Like we say “where there is no struggle, there is no story and if there is no story there is no value” Pelyang Boutique is as valuable as its story where it was built byMs. Tenzin Dolma, the owner of the most renowned handicraft shop in Bhutan widely known as Lungta handicraft which was first established in 2004. Ms. Dolma has been in the tourism business industry for several years by upscaling the handicraft business in Thimphu. Lungta was one of the first Handicraft Boutique stores in Bhutan to run successfully for over a decade. Today, Ms. Dolma’s vision is to extend that level of service in the tourism sector by offering the best and finest hospitality services and facilities to both local and international guests. She works with her eldest daughter Tenzin Dolkar who is currently is General Manager with a bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Entrepreneurship from Switzerland and is also the future owner of the property.  Pelyang boutique today stands as an exquisite hotel in the heart of the city with the goal of providing excellent service and pure leisure to various guests.

  1. The logo of Pelyang Boutique depicts the aromas of burning incense, that blends with excellence in our service, and the green color represents freedom, purity and happiness.
  2. The green color also resembles our theme of the restaurant which is fully Vegetarian cuisine.
  3. The 3 numbers of swirls also symbolize the three jewels of refuge in Buddhism that is the Buddha, Dharma and Sanga.

Story behind our logo