If you are shopaholic don’t forget to check out the weekend marketplace located opposite of the centenary farmers market. The weekend marketplace is not only popular among local people but also with tourists. 

Location of marketplace 

Right across the zebra cross of the centenary farmers market entrance gate, you will find yourself climbing the steps up to the cantilever bridge, a traditional bridge. 

The cantilever bridge is built over Thimpu Chhu/ Wang Chhu or Wong Chhu. The river is a tributary of the Brahmaputra river and a trans-boundary river. The spectacular wooden bridge is perfect for photoshoot infant the bridge is pretty popular amongst photographers and models of Bhutan. 

After crossing the bridge you will get to the marketplace where you will pretty much see all sorts of business except the vegetable and food stall.


Products starting from garments, shoes to hardware products, to varieties of handicraft products to some species of flowers. Plus point the prices at this very marketplace is reasonable compared to that of main town areas.

If you want to buy souvenirs like handicraft products go towards the left-hand side of the gate. Personally, my favourite part of the marketplace was shopping varieties of handicraft products at the very reasonable price (I mean who doesn’t like a good product on a budget ).

So next time, you aren’t sure of what souvenirs to buy for your foreigner pals do visit the marketplace.